Jeremiah Gilbert is a college professor, award-winning photographer, and avid traveler. His travels have taken him to nearly seventy countries spread across five continents. His goal is to set foot on all seven continents and hopefully hit one hundred countries. He has been fortunate to have his photography published internationally in both digital and print publications. He currently travels with a Nikon Df camera most often combined with a Sigma 17 – 35mm f/2.8 – 4 lens.

When I first started traveling with my camera, I was using a 28 – 300mm lens. While I appreciated the range of this lens, I started finding myself wanted to pull back rather than zoom in, which led me to my first wide angle lens. That lens was equivalent to 15 – 30mm and allowed me to get used the eccentricities of this focal range, most notably distortion at the wide end along with some vignetting. Now I could not imagine traveling without a wide angle lens and enjoy the possibilities this focal length provides me.

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