Francoise Gaujour is a talented photographer and also TV and Radio Journalist currently based in Paris, France. Francoise focuses on portraiture and travel photography, she also shoots amazing landscapes, nature and lifestlye.

After a solid career as a radio and TV journalist Francoise Gaujour begins photo in Mali in the 2000s, attracted by the colors of Africa. Since then she has exhibited his pictures in several galleries in Paris, in France, in Italy. Series talk about travel, invite to meditate the beauty of the planet. She seeks how to color the world, to reveal the color and sometimes she want testify. His approach is poetic, sometimes graphic .. often in search of the abstract …

If America has a heart, it beat here in the Wild West. The scenery are sometimes from another age. Time stretches. In our imagination, it was the region of outlaws, account regulations, the refuge of the destitute and nonconformist, gold diggers and pioneers. The promised land where the lack of closure meet the immensity. The location of all possible, where has been built the myth of success. American culture based on the urban landscape takes a leading role in the collective imagination. And photographic. Born in the 1950s, the American way of life -based on equal opportunities- is primarily a promise of abundance, the land of mass consumption, marked by the profusion of goods. This model of society emphasizes family values (a couple with children) and individual success, which, thanks the work, allow to purchase consumer goods (car, TV …) and a house with a garden . The home ownership becomes a social success mark. Today American model based on the very mythical “American way of life”, has its limits, especially, in the social field. In this album, I try to locate the wild west, between the American dream and the American reality. A trip to the graphic america with polychrome universe and acidulated colors that still today transmit the light of past ideals.

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