Will Wintercross is a contributing photojournalist for The Daily Telegraph based in London and has been shortlisted for various awards. In 2001 aged 19 he began his career reporting for the Ngami Times, a weekly paper in Maun, Botswana. Under the editorship of Norman Chandler he was encouraged to use his own initiative both in shooting and writing assignments. This solid grounding led to more challenging work situations; living for a month and documenting life in Romanian sanatoriums in 2002, then working with Médicins Sans Frontières in refugee camps in Angola in 2003. More recent work has focused on covering the civil wars in Mali and Syria. Will has shot assignments in Egypt, Nepal, the Balkans, the Middle East, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, the USA and Russia. Although leaving university with a First Class degree in Photojournalism in 2004 he has always learnt most through his own autodidactic approach, which is reflected in his continuing search for and openness to new learning. His natural networking skills lead him to seek out both people and opportunities that extend his knowledge and practice. Before starting at The Daily Telegraph in 2007, Will worked on assignments for a range of news gathering organisations including Getty and Bloomberg, resulting in his work being published in titles globally. He has worked on extended commercial commissions for the Football Association and Everton Football Club and shot work for a wide range of clients including Dunhill, Nestlé, Time Magazine, BT, DHL, The Royal British Legion, Nissan, and ICAP. All of these experiences have led him to specialise in foreign assignments: a month rarely passes without him working overseas; last year while in Aleppo he and his colleague secured the first interview with Nadia Umm Fuad, the mother of executed school boy Mohammed Katta. This was among some of the stories he discussed in a lecture he gave to summer school students at Oxford University last summer.