Phil Koch is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, filmmaker and adventurer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Phil focuses on landscaping, he turns natural Wisconsin landscapes in to portraits of nature. Koch started photography in 2011, he bought the Canon 7D with a standard lens. “I bought the camera for film making but started shooting rather boring landscapes”, he says. “I always wanted to try to shoot a good vertical landscape because I have noticed very few do that. So my goal, a little over a year ago now, was to take one good vertical a day, forcing myself to really look at both the sky and what was on the ground in front of me.”

I created the series of Horizons in 2010 as photographic journey through the landscapes of Wisconsin. I rarely shoot in the same location as the sun rises and find the meadows that most just drive by without a second thought as the best place to wait and watch.

The composition of Horizons is how the viewer would see the landscape if they were there. Either sitting or standing. When one is in a field, meadow, etc… and looking forward the Horizon is always dead center no matter how tall or short you are. People dont see things in thirds, we see things as a whole so what I have been doing the last few years was trying to break the pre-programed rule of photography and turn natural landscapes into portraits of nature. And when it comes to the vivid colors and contrast I am trying to present the images as we all saw the world as children….full of Life, Light, Color and Magic.

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