Wom Kim is a professional photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He received his BFA in Photography and MPS in Digital Photography from School of Visual Arts, New York. Wom shoots a lot of architecture, fine art and documentary photography. Since 2012, Kim has traveled the globe armed with a camera, seeking out visually compelling compositions. For his series “Living Small”, Kim documented the lives of the inhabitants of a Tokyo capsule hotel. The Japanese are well-known for making efficient use of small living areas, a necessity of their high population density. The facility is a sort of downscale version of the well-known “capsule hotels” often used by Japanese businessmen for short-term stays.

“One of several such facilities in the city, this diminutive, bare-bones hotel takes up one floor of an office building. It is composed of a few hallways, along which the proprietor has built tiny living compartments, perhaps no larger than XX x XX feet, none with enough headroom to stand up straight inside. Separated only by unfinished plywood, the spaces have no windows or door, only a curtain at the entrance for privacy.”
-Wom Kim