Yaniv Edry has a youthful and free spirited approach to photography. His unique style maintains a fresh, clean and raw feel that brings out a narrative in his stories. His distinguished signature for fashion image-making and film gained him recognition in an annual television event “Fashion Oscar” in which he was named “Photographer of the Year” 2002 and 2006. In 1998 he was given the title “Best Emerging Artist of the year”.

Edry was born and educated in Israel and started photographing his family at a very early age. His career took a real turn after his first private Exhibition “Simple” in 1999, which included documentary featuring the day-to-day lives of Israeli supermodels such as: Shiraz Tal, Nina Brosh, Amit Mechtinger and Yael Reich. The Exhibition gained coverage in all Israeli newspapers and was discussed on a highly rated evening host show. Edry then goes on photographing campaigns for Israeli’s leading fashion companies such as “Fox” with top model Bar Raphaeli and “TNT” with international model Josh Beech.