Yoshinori Mizutani is a talented photographer, who was born in 1987 in Fukui Pref and currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Yoshinori graduated from Nihon University Collage of Economics in 2010 and from Tokyo College of Photography in 2012. For his project “Rain”, Mizutani captured amazing and colourful, rain soaked commuters of Tokyo.

One rainy day, I looked down on an intersection from a vantage point in a high rise – umbrelllas looked like flowers that had bloomed in a city.

– Yoshinori Mizutani

Photographing from above, the gloom and greyness we normally associate with rainy days is removed and instead the brightly coloured scenes are positively cheerful.

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Zebra crossings, umbrellas and vehicles were so beautiful and strange at the same time and looked as if they had been placed there as part of a grand visual design within the city.

Yoshinori Mizutani has won a number of prestigious awards including Japan Photo Award in 2013 as well as Foam Talent Call and Lens Culture Emerging Talents Top 50 in 2014.

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