Natsumi Hayashiara aka yowayowa is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her series ““Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary”, featuring self-portraits where she seems to be levitating or simply floating in mid-air. Without any aid of a rigging system or photoshop, Natsumi is able to capture the most effortless and perfect mid-air poses with just a 10-second timer and a tripod. Hayashi took her first levitation photo in September 2010. “yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning “weak” or “feeble”,” she explained.

When I take my levitation farther away from the camera than 10 second distance, I ask someone (mostly my friend) to press the shutter release button. First, I ask my friend to be a stand-in in a proper position to get a composition and a focus.
Then I go to the position to levitate, and my friend come to the camera (we switch our position) to press a shutter release button in time with my jumps.

Natsumi Hayashiara uses Canon EOS 5D Mk2 camera, Canon EF50mm F1.2L USM, EF24-70mm F2.8L USM, PENTAX 67 lenses (with adaptors) and Gitzo’s rapid-pole 3 steps with ball heads (from 1980s) tripod.

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