Augusta, Georgia (United States), 1965. Though his photographic career began in 1990 with a job as assistant movie cameraman, which he carried out for eight years, later becoming a freelance advertising photographer, Zachary Zavislak’s art work is intimately anchored in the past. His way of understanding photography is akin to pictorial art, of which he produces authentic conceptual remakes, based on still-life, with canonical compositions comprising carefully studied chromatic schemes and plays of light and shadow. His first exhibitions focused primarily on these motifs, which has led to his inclusion in publications on the genre, such as Picture Perfect, published in 2004 by Stephanie Hoppen (Jaqui Small Editions, 2004). Particularly noteworthy among his recent exhibitions are: Still Life, Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York, 2005; and In Light, MB Fine Art, Los Angeles, 2004. He is represented by the Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York.