Born in 1980 in Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan province, Kechun Zhang already showed an artistic bent as a child. He developed a passion for photography in the early years of secondary school, and after a spell as a designer he embarked on his new vocation. He studied art and design but soon he decided to become a photographer and artist. His first work is The Yellow River, published by many international print and online magazines. This ongoing project will become a book, today it is available for exhibitions.

The photographs of Zhang Kerchun explore this changing landscape of rural China – deserts and rivers are forever changed due to environmental damage and the population struggles to exist. Some of the images are almost minimal in tonal range and show a translucent and vast landscape. There is a sense of a ‘floating world’, veiled and desolate, that has trapped the people in a never-ending dream state. Zhang Kerchun cinematically captures society’s fringe population at work in his muted, yet beautifully pastel worlds.